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Business seminar & commemorative ceremony: May 11, 2007

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On May 11, 2007 Business seminar & commemorative ceremony on the occasion of the establishment of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan was held at the Embassy of the Rebulic of Poland.

The event was divided into two main parts: (1) Business seminar and (2) Reception party with a piano recital in between.

At first H.E. Ambassador of Poland, Marcin Rybicki Ph.D. greeted the participants.

Topics of the Business seminar included:
1. Introduction of the PCCIJ by Mr. Piotr Suszycki-Tanaka
2. "Basic Indicators of Polish Economy and Japanese Investments in Poland" by Mr. Tom Kuczynski (Ph.D.)
3. "Experiences of Japanese Companies in Poland" by Mr. Kazuo Watanabe
4. "Promotion of Polish-Japanese Economic Co-operation" by Mr. Jaroslaw Wierzbicki

Moderator: Mr. Pawel Komender

The seminar was followed by two short speeches by Ms. Alison Murray, Executive Director of European Business Council in Japan on behalf of Mr. Richard Collasse, Chairman of EBC, and Mr. Tsutomu Nozaki, President of Polonez Japan Co., Ltd.

A total of approx. 150 guests attended. During the second part Polish food and drinks were served.

Program of the Event:

16:30 Door open

17:00 Business seminar

18:15 Piano recital by Ms. Haruna Ohashi

18:30 Break - drinks

18:45 Greetings

19:00 - 20:30 Reception

H.E. Ambassador Marcin Rybicki makes the opening speech

Introduction: Who is who

Departure of Mr. Janusz Walecki

Welcome to Ms. Joanna Dopierala



Mr. Pawel Komender, mediator

Speech by the Chairman, Mr. Piotr Suszycki-Tanaka

Mr. Tomasz Kuczynski about Poland's economy and investment

Various economic indicators

Mr. Kazuo Watanabe about his experience in Poland

Mr. Jaroslaw Wierzbicki about business in Poland

Piano recital by Ms. Haruna Ohashi

The audience listens to Chopin

The Ambassador thanks the pianist

Ms. Alison Murray of EBC, H.E. Ambassador Marcin Rybicki, Piotr Suszycki-Tanaka, PCCIJ Chairman

Madam Rybicka (right) and Ms. Grabarczyk, Consul's wife

Ms. Alison Murray makes a speech on behalf of Mr. Richard Collasse, Chairman of EBC

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