PCCIJ – Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan has begun collecting emergency contributions for the victims of the catastrophic earthquake which hit northern Japan and triggered great tsunami waves on Friday, Mar. 11, 2011.

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A very powerful earthquake of an unprecedented mag. 8.8 hit the northern part of Japan in the afternoon of March 11, 2011 at 2:46PM. This triggered up to 10-meter-high tsunami waves that caused a great, at some places a total destruction in areas along the Pacific coast of eastern Japan. This earthquake was followed by a couple of additional quakes at 3:06PM (magnitude 7.0) and at 3:15PM (magnitude 7.4).

The extensive quake that has affected Tohoku and other regions continues to rattle the nation with frequent aftershocks in the scale of magnitude 5-7. The devastating tsunami caused by the quake has washed away the cities in the disaster stricken area which has worsened the damage done by the quake. More powerful earthquakes are expected within the next few days.

The number of death toll/affected population is constantly on the rise, countless people have been missing. Basic infrastructures such as water and electricity have been destroyed and even in less hit areas have not yet recovered. Some two million households are without power and even in less affected areas including Tokyo power restrictions and outages are predicted.

In response to this catastrophic earthquake we at PCCIJ have decided to collect emergency contributions for the victims of this incredible disaster through our international network in Poland and other EU countries as well as the USA. The collected funds will be contributed to the governmental and/or NPOs which are directly involved in the relief work.

Note: As of 13 April, 2011 we collected 1,225,000 yen .

Donors: C&M Group, Vestey Foods Japan Ltd., NCM Entertainment Corp./Forever Entertainment S.A., PLT/Chopin Night (Polish Restaurant & Bar), Mr. Kei Mori, individual persons. (Note: Names of donors are published with their prior consent.)

Thank you very much for your generocity!

The campaign is still going on so do not hesitate to help the victims by giving even a small donation!

Board of PCCIJ – Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

Please remit your donation to the following account:

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, LTD.
Branch Office: Shibuya Branch
Branch No.: 135
Account No.: 3943875
Account Name: Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

1. We kindly request that the amount is no less then 1,000 JPY per donation.
* Any additional bank handling fees shall be born by the sender.
2. For tax and/or other purposes certificates will be issued to the donors, if requested. Please clearly indicate your names which will be put on the certificates.
3. In order to send to you your certificate, please advise by e-mail or FAX your name (which is to match the name indicated during the money trasfer), address and the amount transferred.

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