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Membership in PCCIJ will allow members to enter prominent business circles both in Japan and Poland. PCCIJ cooperates with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Chamber Of Commerce of Importers, Exporters and Cooperation, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As a member of EBC (European Business Council) PCCIJ has an extensive network of business links and associations with various business organizations of EU countries in Japan. Therefore any member of PCCIJ will be entitled to wide range of services and will have the privilege to participate in events provided and organized by PCCIJ or indirectly by EBC in Japan.

Some of those benefits will include the following:

* Participation in seminars on business/trade related topics organized by PCCIJ or EBC including other Chambers
* Better access to information about events and briefings held at the Embassy
* Better access to information about dedicated directories (business entities from Poland and Japan)
* Media summaries
* Participation in trade events sponsored by governments of Poland and Japan and organized by PCCIJ
* European - Japan industry briefings & seminars
* Promotion of businesses and their products/services in both Poland and Japan
* Meeting with prominent people engaged in business and trade activities in Japan and Poland

Further to the above additional benefits are to be added on a regular basis in the future along growth of PCCIJ.


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