There is probably no single Polish person who would not know the word “Krowka” and of course the taste of this very old Polish traditional cream fudge. It is for the Polish people what “ODANGO” is for the Japanese.
The name “Krowka” means “a little cow”. It is loved as much by the children as the adults. The basic ingredients of “Krowka” are very simple: sugar, butter and milk. Yet, it is the way how you put them together that really counts. And this usually is a secret closely kept by all the manufacturers. The taste and texture of “Krowka” varies depending on the region and the unique recipe.

The Polish confectionery industry has undoubtedly a very rich tradition and prides itself on producing the highest quality sweets. “Krowka” of course is no exception. You can be assured that once you try it you will never forget the taste! This is possible because all of the ingredients are natural. There is no additives at all.



We decided to choose “Krowka” as one of the representative products to promote Poland in Japan. Especially next year, the so-called “Chopin Year”, the 200th anniversary of birthday of the greatest Polish composer, “Krowka” is to play an important role. Officially imported for the first time in October of 2009, “Krowka” has a big potential to become one of the symbols of Poland.
There are many manufacturers of “Krowka”, yet the product which has been officially imported to Japan and which we describe here is of the highest quality as the manufacturer, Milanowek (, is the oldest manufacturer with a great tradition and the best clientele in Poland.

Please come our our evets and taste “Krowka”. Let’s “Krowka”!

Official importer of this product:Vestey Foods Japan Ltd