This B2B platform is for business matching. Members of this Platform can benefit from obtaining various information, data and updates about startups and other companies.

Also, in the process, depending on further communication, online or real meetings may be arranged for.

The first step is to register with PCCIJ for free (Registration Form). By registering with PCCIJ you will be entitled to receive various information about events and other updates from PCCIJ Free of Charge.

We also would like to welcome you to upgrade your status in order to have Full Access to the information and data about startups and other companies registered with the PCCIJ B2B Portal. This is possible by making a payment of 10,000 yen (**Note below) as an annual fee. This way you will be granted a status of an Associate Member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and will become eligible to have access to all the information on the Portal.

**Note: The Annual Fee of 10,000 yen is applicable during the Campaign Period. After the Campaign Period the Annual Fee may change. PCCIJ reserves the right to decide when the Campaign Period will end and also to modify the conditions of the Membership. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.