On March 23, 2011 PCCIJ (Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan) and PAH (Polish Humanitarian Action -> www.pah.org.pl) signed an agreement on co-operation with regard to collecting donations for victims of the earthquake and designating a recipient of the collected funds.Furthermore, PCCIJ became a partner of the following series of fund-raising events in Poland to aid the victims of the double cataclysm that struck Japan on March 11th 2011:
– “Million Cranes” – a nation-wide charity movement initialized on March 21, 2011 for the victims of the Japan Earthquake 2011
– “Night of Million Cranes – Polish Artists for Japan” (April 1, 2011, Warsaw)
– Cultural Charity Event in Warsaw (April 2, 2011, Warsaw))

Coordination of the project on behalf of PCCIJ was carried out by DeBenedetti Majewski Szczesniak, Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp. K. (a law firm in Warsaw -> http://www.dms.net.pl/) which is represented by Mr C. David DeBenedetti, NY Attorney/Partner, a member of PCCIJ.

This movement and the events are an idea of three friends of a Japanese origin who live in Poland led by Mike Yamazaki and his brother, Karol Tomoki Yamazaki. “Million Cranes” derives from the “Thousand Cranes” (or “Senbazuru” in Japanese) and the purpose of it is to get a support for the Japanese people from as many people as possible.

In Japan, the crane is a symbol of peace, happiness, recovering from sickness, and also of dreams coming true. A folded origami paper crane is often given to others as a lucky charm, for example, when Japanese people visit someone in the hospital, and so on.
A very special thing to do with paper cranes is Senbazuru, literally “one thousand cranes”. It is said that if you fold one thousand paper cranes, you wish will come true. That is why Senbazuru – long colorful chains of paper cranes – are given as presents on special occasions: weddings, when someone has a baby, when we are wishing someone fast recovery, etc. In other words, we give other Senbazuru when we wish them all the best and hope gods will take special care of them. Senbazuru is also symbolizing a shared wish or idea of 1000 people, focused in this one item.

Therefore fold your own paper crane and join us in solidarity with Japan! The senbazuru crane chains will be sent to Japan to show everyone our prayes for no more suffering and fast recovery! Why not write a personal message on your crane too?

Organizers started to promote this movement among various universities in Warsaw (including University of Warsaw: the Japanese studies Dept., ISNS, IS, PJWSTK, UMiFC, ASP), but the idea is to spread the this movement to another institutions, cities and countries!

On April 1, 2011, a big charity event was held in one the most popular clubs in Warsaw, the Fabryka Trzciny, with performances by the most popular artists in Poland! Performances were divided into 3 parts: starting with jazz, moving on to entertainment and finishing with club party. Money raised from the tickets will go for the cause. Anna Maria Jopek, Justyna Steczkowska, Marcin Wasilewski Trio, Henryk Miskiewicz and other Polish musicians performed.

Money were raised at the spot and the the main sponsor was Suzuki Motor Poland (www.suzuki.pl/) while Forever Entertainment S.A. (wwww.forever-entertainment.com), represented by Mr Zbigniew Debicki, President, which donated a fixed amount for every folded crane. One of the your crane will therefore account to an actual measurable help for the victims!

On April 2, 2011 a cultural charity event was held at the Warsaw skwer (CAFT branch) in order to introduce the traditional Japanese culture such as:
– Japanese dance performance
– Martial arts demonstration
– Tea ceremony demonstration
– Display and demonstration of Ikebana (the art of aranging flowers)
– Calligraphy course
– Origami course
– Sushi course
– Lesson and degustation of japanese cuisine
– Japanese movies’ screenings
– Various japanese products displayed and available for purchase with special discounts
– Manga comic books display
– Exhibition of photography from Japan

Funds were also collected at the event.

This movement is under the honorary patronage of Ms Anna Komorowska -> , wife of the President of Poland, Mr Bronislaw Komorowski (http://www.president.pl/en/).
Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo ->

Sponsors of the event: Suzuki Motor Poland, Forever Entertainment S.A., Hator

Partners: PAH (Polish Humanitarian Action), PCCIJ (Polish Chamber of Commrence and Industry in Japan), “Fabryka Trzciny” – Art Centre (Centrum Artystyczne Fabryka Trzciny) in Warsaw, PJWSTK (Polsko-Japonska Wyzsza Szkola Technik Komputerowych), Jaga Hupalo Hair Design, Sakana Sushi, Lighthouse PR

Media partners: Radio PIN, Gazeta Wyborcza, Metro, Hator
Event organized by Anyamusic.production

But we are challengers and achievers and we want more than one thousand ? that’s not enough!
For pictures and more info on Senbazuru: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thousand_origami_cranes

Join us in shaping the events, or simply come and have a good time!
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[In Polish]

(I) Koncert w Centrum Artystycznym Fabryka Trzcinywww.fabrykatrzciny.pl, ul. Otwocka 14, odbyl sie w piatek, 1 kwietnia o godz 20:00 W programie czesc jazzowa, rozrywkowa i klubowa.Wstep: od 50 PLN. Liczba miejsc ograniczona.
Wystepujacy artysci: Anna Maria Jopek, Anna Serafinska z zespolem, Janusz Strobel, Marcin Wasilewski Trio, Henryk Miskiewicz, Grzech Piotrowski, Justyna Steczkowska, Tomasz Tomson Lach w projekcie Agnieszki Szczepaniak aleSZOPKA!, Pinnawela, Ritmodelia, Dziewczyny, Maria Sadowska, Anna Kostrzewska z zespolem TikTak, Sound’n’Grace, CzessBand. Set DJ’ ski: Pompon, Maceo Wyro & Mc Sean Palmer.

(II) Milion Zurawi na Skwerze (filia Centrum Artystycznego Fabryka Trzciny), ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 60a, 2 kwietnia w godz. 14.00 – 18.00. Impreza otwarta, wstep wolny. Datki na poszkodowanych w katastrofie mozna skladac do puszek PAH (Polskiej Akcji Humanitarnej).
W programie: ceremonia parzenia herbaty, bonsai, ceramika ZEN, kaligrafia, orgiami, sushi (poczestunek, pokaz), gry japonskie, pokazy sztuk walki – aikido i kenjutsu, pokazy tanca japonskiego – nihon buyu i teatru noh. Od godz. 17.00 – 60T’s Club (Lukasz Truscinski).