The 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on March 12, 2009 at the Embassy of the Rebulic of Poland, main hall (MAP). Including Members and Observers some 55 persons took part in the AGM.

During the AGM a new Board Member was elected to the position of an Auditor (Details of the newly elected Board). Also 3 amendements to the Constitution were made.

The AGM was followed by a Reception Party in which some 120 guests participated.
Following a short speech by the Chairman and a special guest, Ms. Alison Murray, the Executive-Director of the European Business Council in Japan (EBC), H.E. Ambassdor raised the toast.

Agenda of the 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM)

PART 1: Annual General Meeting

17:45 Door open

18:00 Start of AGM

1. Greeting by the Honorary Chairman, H.E. Ambassador Jadwiga Rodowicz
2. Explanation regarding the AGM (Election of Board Members, Ammendment to the Constitution, etc.)
3. Election of Members of the Board
4. Vote on Ammendment to the Constitution
5. Annual Report by the President
6. Treasurer’s Report on the Statement of Accounts 2008
7. Auditor’s Report 2008
8. Presentation of Budget 2009
9. Report on Election of Members of the Board
10. Report on Vote on Ammendment to the Constitution
11. Miscellaneous:
– Presentation by Mr. Julien Guerrier,
Counsellor – Delegation of the European Commission in Japan
General Manager – (EU-Japan Centre for industrial cooperation)
– Information about the upcoming events and other matters

PART 2: Reception

19:15 – 21:00 Light meal reception party for both Members and Non-Members