Support Ukraine Refugees

In response to the invasion of Ukraine, the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan has been collecting donations and conducting various support activities.

We would like to report on our activities as follows.

19/2/2024 Commendation for Support of Ukrainian Refugee

26/1/2024 Support for Ukrainian Refugees Living in Poland – 2024 Japan Scholarship Program

28/6/2023 Photo Exhibition for Ukrainian Refugees

13/4/2023 Charity concert in support of displaced people in Ukraine


2/12/2022 Aid for Ukrainian families: from the cherry blossom country directly to Yablonne and Krężnica Jareja

2/11/2022 Package for a family from Ukraine” – a humanitarian aid project for Ukrainian families temporarily staying in Poland.

24/6/2022 The Canossian Nunnery – PCCIJ

ukraine flag

Support for Ukraine with us