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Introduction of PCCIJ Members: Vestey Foods Japan Ltd

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Vestey Foods Japan Ltd

Vestey Foods Japan Ltd

Vestey Foods Japan formerly known as Angliss International Japan Ltd imports and exports international foods to local and overseas customers through the global network of Vestey Foods companies and suppliers.

We provide meats, marine products, canned foods, dry foods and processed products to local customers. We also offer Japanese foods to overseas customers. Vestey Foods Japan was established in 2000. The company is a joint venture with a Japanese wholesaler based in Yokohama.

Our major customers are: chain restaurants, hotels, schools, and various food service companies through wholesalers, raw materials for manufacturers and processors, and retailers.

Vestey Foods Japan is actively supporting and participating in our events, such as the "Polish Day in Tokyo" etc. More...

Vestey Foods Japan Ltd
YBP West Tower 11F
134 Godo-cho, Hodogaya-ku,
Yokohama 240-0005, Japan

Tel. +81 45 339 6552
Fax. +81 45 333 1444

Mr. Motohiro Noguchi, Chief Operational Officer

Website: http://www.vesteyfoods.com/index.php?lang=ja

Vestey Foods Japan Ltd offers the following products from Poland

KABANOSY - カバノス : ポーランドの代表的なドライソーセージ。ビール、ワイン、ウォッカのおつまみに最適です。

商品規格 : 180g/パック

KRAKOWSKA (Kielbasy suche i tradycyjne) - クラコフスカ : 乾燥工程を含めて、製造に1週間を要する、本格的なドライソーセージです。

商品規格 : 140g/パック (スライス)

Boczek rolowany b/k - ベーコン・ロイン ハム : ロース肉をばら肉で巻き、ハムに加工した商品です。

商品規格 : 250g/パック (スライス)


販売者: 株式会社伊藤食品
東京都杉並区南萩窪 4-46
TEL: 03-3399-0137  FAX: 03-3394-9188

KROWKA - Polish traditional cream fudge
About Krowka

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