On June 16, 2007 our Chamber, represented by Piotr Suszycki-Tanaka, PCCIJ Chairman, participated in the Economic Congress of the World’s Polish Expatriate Community organized in Warsaw by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) under the patronage of the Polish Prime Minister and the Minister of the Economy, in cooperation with the Lublin Voivodship Marshall. The conference took place on 16-18th June 2007.

The first day of the conference took place in Warsaw, at the Kolumnowa Hall in the Polish Sejm (Parliament), the subsequent days were held in Lublin and Zamosc.

Among the distinguished guests were the Vice Prime Minister of Poland, Minister of Economy, Mr. Grzegorz Wozniak, the Deputy Governor of the US state of Illinois Mr. Patrick J. Quinn, Secretary of State, Mr. Wladyslaw Ortyl, Senators, Marshalls and others.
The guests of the Congress were representatives of the Polish Expatriate Community from all over the world, engaged in economic cooperation with Poland and also representatives of foreign business.

The Congress is one of the elements of the program, supporting the economic development of Eastern Poland, being carried out by PAIiIZ. It has as its goal to present the potential of this region in the field of investment and the cooperation of businesses, mainly from the area of the Lublin Voivodship. During the activities of the Congress, the “Polonia” Business Centre was opened.

In the second part of the Congress, Mr. Piotr Suszycki-Tanaka, the Chairman of PCCIJ, on behalf the Chamber and the Polish Expatriate Community living in Japan greeted the gathered guests and introduced PCCIJ as well as the current business relations between Poland and Japan.

The importance of closer co-operation between Poland and Japan were stressed and the role and function of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan was explained in the aspect of strengthening of the bilateral relations between our two countries, especially in the business field.
The presentation was greeted by the participants with a great interest and many new relationships were established. Especially it was agreed in principle that a the co-operation between PCCIJ and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) is to be strengthened.