On October 8, 2014 a POLISH AND JAPANESE FORUM on CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY is to be held at the National Defence University in Warsaw, Poland.
(address: Al. gen. A. Chrusciela 103, 00-910 Warszawa, Poland)
Organizatorem jest Akademia Obrony Narodowej przy wspolnej inicjatywie z Wyzsza Szkola Policji w Szczytnie.

The Symposium “Selected solutions of the Japanese industry to fight cybercrime” initiate the POLISH AND JAPANESE FORUM on CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY. The symposium is organized by National Defence Academy, Police Academy in Szczytno and G&R S.A. (a corporate Member of PCCIJ) while Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (PCCIJ) has taken Honorary Patronage or the event.

Next sessions in the area of Critical Infrastructure Management are planned for 2015.
Forum is a long time project. It’s main objectives are:
-Intergovernmental cooperation
-scientific-industrial cooperation in the field of Critical Infrastructure Management.

Details of the Symposium on Oct 8, 2014

Cyber Security Soloutions are is considered to bridge traditional Information security area and new cyber security area. For this purpose, old technologies and new technologies, old systems and New products, are evaluated in combined way to co-existing.
New security solutions are also a place for collaboration such that partners bring problems, products, and engineers to exchange information and Opinions to find our new solution. Also, cyber security engineer training is a challenge. More activities are open to collaborate with partner who can share the direction and purposes.

Topics of the Symposium:

  • Introduction:

    Position of the Cyber Security at NEC
    Introduction of the Cyber Security Factory as Core Element
    The Interpol Collaboration as New Challenge

  • NEC Cyber Security Domain:

IT Infrastructure Defense
Cyber Security Analytic
Cyber Security Investigation
Cyber Security Training
Cyber Intelligence Service
Cyber Security Assessment/Pen Test/Vulnerability Analysis
Security Framework Consultancy
– Physical Security Solution
Face Recognition for real time surveillance, access control and forensic analysis.