Polish Weekend at Roppongi Hills

“Feel the Weekend of Polish Golden Autumn in Roppongi Hills!”

On Sep 27-29, 2013 a Polish Festival is to be held at Roppongi Hills.

Various Polish imported goods and traditional craftworks will be sold during the event.

To be enjoyed on stage:

  • Piano Chopin Recitals:
    by Mr. Michal Sobkowiak (HP: http://www.michalsobkowiak.com/)
    by Ms. Lisa Nakazono (HP: http://www.risa-nakazono.com/discography/)
  • Guitar Chopin Recital by Mr. Michiwo Tashima (HP: http://mamh.dtiblog.com/)
  • Declamation of poems:
    Szymborska by Mr. Zan Yamashita, Tuwim by Mr. Takiya Kuwahara
  • Vocal by Ms. Lidia Sumiya
  • Polish Folk Dance
    by “Mazur” Group Szymborska by Mr. Zan Yamashita, Tuwim by Mr. Takiya Kuwahara
  • Screening of Polish short movies
  • Art Exhibition by Ms. Karina Jancewicz-Ota
  • Quiz on Poland – Simply answer our questions and win prizes!

You can get a present at the Polish food booth!

If you buy Polish Beer you will get

(1) a mini plate with Polish food
(2) if you but two bottles of Polish beer, you will be one bottle or can for free

Coupon ticket (Please print the ticket and bring it with you)

Sponsored by Dom PolskiTsukamoto Trading Co., Ltd.

Date & Time: 11:00~19:00 (Saturday till 20:00)

Place: O-YANE PLAZA, Roppongi Hills

Address: 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6108

Organizer: Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland

Support: Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, Polish Tourism Organization Tokyo

POLISH FESTIVAL @ ROPPONGI HILLS 2013 PROGRAM (To download the program (PDF) click here)

Sep 27 (Friday)

11:00   Opening   Trade and Investment Promotion Section, The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Japan
11:30   Piano Recital   Lisa Nakazono
13:30   Piano Recital   Michal Sobkowiak
15:00   Piano Recital   Akiko Miura
16:00   Piano Recital   Lisa Nakazono
17:00   Piano Recital   Akiko Miura
18:00   Piano Recital   Michal Sobkowiak

Photos of Sep 27


Sep 28 (Saturday)
11:15   Piano Recital   Lisa Nakazono
12:15   Polish Folk Dance   Folk Dance by ”Mazur” Group
12:45   Declamation of Poems   Takiya Kuwahara, Zan Yamashita
13:30   Piano Recital   Michal Sobkowiak
14:30   Polish Folk Dance   Folk Dance by ”Mazur” Group
15:00   Quiz on Poland
16:00   Piano Recital   Lisa Nakazono
16:45   Guitar Concert   Michiwo Tashima
18:00   Piano Recital   Michal Sobkowiak
19:15   Guitar Concert   Michiwo Tashima
Sep 29 (Sunday)
11:15   Piano Recital   Lisa Nakazono
12:30   Vocal Concert   Lidia Sumiya
13:30   Piano Recital   Michal Sobkowiak
14:15   Guitar Concert   Michiwo Tashima
15:00   Quiz on Poland   Sylwia Kato (TBS Announcer)
16:00   Vocal Concert   Lidia Sumiya
16:30   Polish Folk Dance   Folk Dance by ”Mazur” Group
16:45   Declamation of Poems   Takiya Kuwahara, Zan Yamashita
17:30   Polish Folk Dance   Folk Dance by ”Mazur” Group
18:00   Piano Recital   Michal Sobkowiak
18:30   Guitar Concert   Michiwo Tashima
The following companies will participate in the event (in alphabetical order):

- Ambersalon: Amber Jewellery
- Ceramika: Boleslawiec Pottery, Wooden Craft, Fabric Articles
- Ceramika Artystyczna: Boleslawiec Pottery
- Dom Polski (Tsukamoto Trading): Opole Porcelain, Wool Products, Decoration Glass, Polish Cusine & Beer
- GRANNA JAPAN: “Hoop!” & “Super Farmer” Board Games
- Intima: “Intima” Wash Gel
- KERSEN: Boleslawiec Pottery
- NAXOS JAPAN, Inc.: Classical music CDs of Polish composers and Polish famous musicians
- PaniPani Japan: Felt Ladies Handbags
- Pianoforte Japan: Chopin-related Music Goods by PWM, Scores, Postal Stamps, Tea-related Goods, CDs
- SLOW ART: Papercut, Tapestries, Traditional Lace and Embroideries, Easter Eggs, Art Goods
- TWO-FOUNDATION: “Trek” & “Viki”Leather Goods
- Vestey Foods Japan: Fruits, Vegetable & Cheese Chips, “Krowka” Cream Fadge
- XL Cranberry Energy: XL Cranberry Energy Drink, XL Cocktail

Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland
EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation