A Seminar on “Business in Poland” was held in Yokohama at the Yokohama World Business Support Center (WBC) on May 20, 2008 (Tuesday).

In recent years the amount of foreign investment into Poland from various countries increased significantly. The most important factors such as a relatively low-cost yet highly educated work force, attractive location in Europe next to Germany and other countries with access to the sea, make Poland a very attractive place not only for manufacturing but also research and development activities. These and the latest information about the Polish economy and investment was presented during the seminar.

The seminar was followed by a reception from 16:00 where Polish traditional food (“Bigos”) and drinks were served.


Time: 20 May 2008, 14:00 – 17:30
Venue: Event Hall B, IDEC/Yokohama World Business Support Center (WBC)


[1] Opening of the Seminar
* Mr. Jaroslaw Wierzbicki, First Secretary – Head of Trade and Investment
Promotion Section, Embassy of Poland
* Greeting by the Ambassador, H.E. Marcin Rybicki (cancelled)

[2] “About Polich Economy and the Environment for Investment”
* Mr. Tomasz Milaszewski, First Secretary – Trade and Investment Promotion
Section, Embassy of Poland
* Ms. Ayuko Nagami, Researcher at Trade and Investment Promotion Section,
Embassy of Poland

[3] “My Business Experience in Poland”
* Mr. Kazuo Watanabe, Director, Central Service Systems, Ltd.,
Former Vice-President of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Warsaw Branch

[4] “Activities of Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (PCCIJ)”
* Mr. Piotr Suszycki-Tanaka, Chairman, PCCIJ / President, NCM Corporation

[5] Question and Answer

[6] Reception (from 16:00)