November 5–6, 2021 EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021 – Show for Foreign Residents of Japan

The number of expats living in Japan is rising every year. The coronavirus crisis has caused a dip in the growth rate, but the current expat population is put at around 2.88 million. EXPAT EXPO TOKYO in 2021 will be the second event of the series started in 2020. […]

September 2, 2021 – Online Seminar: “The ABC of Investment in Poland by The Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.”

This seminar provides basic information on Poland (mainly focusing on the strengths and potentials of Poland) while introducing potential business opportunities between Japan and Poland in terms of trade and investment from both the Japanese and Polish sides. […]

Business Meeting for Inviting Overseas Buyers in Toyama “Consultation for market development in Poland and Europe”

2021.08.25 (Wed) Toyama Prefecture, Toyama New Industry Organization (TONIO) will hold a business meeting. This year, it will be a business meeting for businesses considering developing sales channels in Europe. A special consultation booth will be set up by the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Global Media Co., Ltd. […]

New Energy for Clean Transformation Forum: Polish-Japanese Offshore Wind Seminar (online seminar)

Warsaw – Tokyo, June 9th, 2021 Time: 15.00 – 17.50 (Japanese time) 08.00 – 10.50 (Polish time) The need to increase the use of RES concerns both Poland and Japan, especially in the light of ever more ambitious emissions reduction targets. Looking at energy and climate strategies designed by our two countries, one can find [...]

BUSINESS SEMINAR “Infrastructural Projects in Poland” (webinar)

On October 29, 2020 (Thu) the PCCIJ is to host a business seminar with guest speakers from Poland and Japan. This seminar is about to introduce important infrastructural projects in Poland, following the visit of the prime minister of Poland to Japan at the beginning of this year. […]

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