PCCIJ Special Christmas Event “Polish Day in Tokyo 2015” was held on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 at Tokyo Main Dining in Shibuya. The venue located along Inogashira Street was decorated with beautiful, eye catching Christmas ornaments. The event was an overall success gathering a total of 113 participants of different occupations and backgrounds.

Polish Day in Tokyo 2015 started with the greeting of the Polish Ambassador, Mr. Cyryl Kozaczewski, who joined the event with his wife. He warmly welcomed the guests, celebrated the direct flight service of LOT Polish Airline connecting Warsaw and Narita, and wished for further development between Poland and Japan.

Delicious Polish foods were served in buffet style and one of biggest attractions were “Polan-don,” a fusion of “Poland” and Japanese “don.” Guests also enjoyed drinking Zubrowka and Polish beer “Zamkowe.”

The first program was a live piano performance of F.Chopin by Marie Kiyone.
1) Impromptu No.3 G-flat major Op.51
2) Etude C minor Op.10-12 “Revolution”
3) Mazurka C major Op.24-2
4) Barcarolle F-sharp major Op.60
Encore) Valse du petit chien

The second program was a dramatic and lively kyogen performance of “Sanbaso” by Taichiro Nomura.

Towards the end of the event, there was a door prize drawing for the guests to win special gifts: Kitchen products, snacks, bags & purses, small gifts from Poland, meal tickets of Tokyo Main Dining, Polish Beer Zamkowe, ALWERO Wool Blanket, and LOT Polish Airlines Narita-Warsaw plane tickets.
Tokyo-Narita flight service by LOT Polish Airlines will begin from January 14, 2016. LOT Polish Airlines offers a Premium Economy Class that provides higher comfort on long flights. Photos of the Premium Economy Class can be seen in the photo gallery below.

Special thanks to our door prize contributors:
– LOT Polish Airlines

– Tsukamoto Trading Co., Ltd.

– Global Media Corporation

– SANKO Trading Co., Ltd.

– Tokyo Main Dining

– MobileMS

Photo Gallery